I am Loki - not the Loki you think you know - or knew - because he died. I'm not the Loki that was reincarnated by Thor either, or even the fragment of the original who existed in the magpie. And I'm certainly not the one running around calling himself king of Midgard. Too many Lokis... I'm a reflection of a reflection, but to make it easier for you, you can call me Loki 3.0. New and improved.

M!A: None

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M!As in the Language of Flowers/ List From A to Z
  • Asphodel:
    Muse is filled regret for the absence of another, especially those who have passed away. They are filled with memories of nostalgia and sorrow for things left unsaid or time not spent with this person. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Baby's Breath:
    Muse obsesses over domestic affairs including marriage and pregnancy, or building a family. This may also be based around the muse's current love interest or possible love interests. If your character is male, they act more affectionate toward their loved one. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Cardamine:
    Muse is reminded of the mistakes of his father (mother or other parental figure) and is forced to reconcile these hurts. This may lead the muse to seek out their parent and actively mend their relationship, or it could simply be demonstrated through acceptance in some other way. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Daisy:
    The muse is filled with innocence and childish energy. They are happier, take things at face value, less likely to hold grudges, and their outlook on the world becomes lighter during this time. Everything is processed with the optimism of a child. This will not make the muse any less intelligent, but more likely to accept things without hesitance. Lasts 8 hours.
  • Eglantine:
    Muse is inspired by the Muses. (Isn't that confusing?) The muse finds himself suddenly obsessed, or rather, deeply interested in the arts, particularly the classics, including Ballet, the Opera, and Poetry among others. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Forget-me-not:
    The Muse is convinced they have found their one true love. Unlike simple infatuation or passion-fueled attachment, they are convinced the character of the mun’s choosing is their fated lover. Lasts 3 hours. (Don’t surprise anybody with this, guys.)
  • Galega:
    The muse is less emotional, more rational, and emotionally withdrawn. He is less likely to express emotions of any kind, especially affection. The muse is more inclined to step away from emotional scenes and to analyze both present situations and earlier interactions. They may also reflect on past experiences and discard old, illogical beliefs/convictions. Lasts 5 hours.
  • Honeysuckle:
    The muse is more aware of consequences, and what to expect to follow his/her various decisions that he makes in the next several hours. He has a sudden understanding of his fate, mostly for the immediate future, but also to some extent, of the far future. This is achieved through vague premonition or obscure dreams. This lasts 8 hours.
  • Japonica:
    The muse is filled with a fiery energy of fae-like mischief. They are inclined to pull pranks and make jokes, which may be insensitive or accidentally destructive. They are more impulsive in their impish impropriety. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Kingcup:
    The muse is motivated to pursue power and material wealth. They become more shrewd and willing to take risks to promote themselves in the workplace, using manipulation and other means that they wouldn’t normally use. This can come with both positive and negative consequences. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Love In A Mist:
    Muse is filled with general confusion and perplexity. What would normally make sense to him, is generally harder to process, and it takes longer for him/her to understand anything experienced, whether seen, heard, or read. Lasts 5 hours.
  • Moonflower:
    Muse experiences emotional instability. This may be exhibited in social fears including abandonment and rejection, or fears of inferiority; of feeling inadequate or not measuring up. This could also be reflected in mood or mental instability if the mun is so inclined. Lasts between 3 to 8 hours, decided by the mun.
  • Narcissus:
    Muse is obsessed with himself, his own image, and those who share his appearance. This includes, but is not limited to other roleplayers of the same character and lookalikes of any type, whether RL or OC. Lasts as long as the anon decides.
  • Orchid:
    The muse is motivated by a sudden air of maturity. They feel they must cast off the mantle of childhood, replacing naivety and brashness of with experience and restraint. Lasts 5 hours.
  • Persimmon:
    The muse is awed by the earth and the spirit of nature. Their conflicts are forgotten, and they find themselves attuned to and drawn to their natural surroundings. Feelings of confinement and paranoia may afflict the muse if they are unable to escape their settings and commune with nature. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Queen Ann’s Lace:
    The muse is filled with spiritual purpose. They have become the spokesman for some real or imagined deity and are now charged with the duty of fulfilling this deity’s wishes. The deity can have a worthy cause, or they could be a malevolent force for evil. For the entirety of the M!A they may have conflicting feelings about their new responsibility, but they feel compelled to continue. Lasts 3 hours or longer. The anon can give suggestions for what god the muse pursues.
  • Rosa Mundi:
    Muse is feeling particularly vengeful, desiring the punishment of those who have wronged them, whether actual or merely perceived. The muse is willing to go the extra length to see that the transgressor is punished, whether it's above or outside of the law. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Sweet William:
    Muse is filled with courage and righteous motivation. They are moved by suffering, and driven to stand up for those who have been wronged. They are also more likely to demonstrate genteel respect to both men and women. Lasts 8 hours.
  • Tulip:
    Muse is inspired to make declarations of love to those they have previously kept such romantic feelings from. This may be seen in simple statements of "I love you," from partners who normally do not say it, to full-on confessions. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Uva Ursi – The Muse is compelled to lie about his inner motivations, even if they are innocent. They feel that they will be judged for their choices, and that they should resort to deception. They may be more likely to sneak out when leaving or answer questions with evasive responses. Any question is subject to this. Lasts 5 hours.
  • Viburnum:
    The muse is suddenly scared of neglect, and may become blue or saddened by the absence of others. They may feel neglected if friends do not respond or seem dismissive. Lasts 3 hours or as long as the mun sees fit.
  • Wolfsbane:
    The muse has developed a sudden hatred for his compatriots, becoming altogether cynical toward the intentions of others and the general nature of mankind. The muse may experience a sudden loss of morality, or inclination to stray from his former ethical boundaries. He is also more likely to be unmoved by the suffering of others. Lasts 3 hours.
  • Xique-Xique:
    The muse is filled with stubborn tenacity. They are able to face any problems that they have avoided due to unresolved fear. While they are not compelled to pursue these, they now have the will to stand up to adversity whether it is presented by others or the self. Lasts 5 hours.
  • Yew:
    The muse is feeling particularly guilty, whether due to contrition, true remorse, or fear of punishment and rejection. This lasts for 8 hours.
  • Zephyr:
    The muse is filled with expectations, whether expectations of greatness, expectations of good luck, or simply expectations for something happening. They have a good feeling that something great will happen in the near future, and may see a random occurrence as fulfillment of this expectation. Lasts for 8 hours or until something relevant meets this criteria.